Mobile audiometric services

All workers in Malaysia exposed to excessive noise needs to undergo Audiometric testing. It is done in accordance with. FACTORIES AND MACHINERY ACT 1967 [ACT 139] P.U. (A) 1/1989 FACTORIES AND MACHINERY (NOISE EXPOSURE) REGULATIONS 1989.

A Baseline Audiometry for workers within 6 months of employment and annually or biennially testing for all workers exposed to noise more than 85dB- refer to Regulation 5 and Regulation 22

(In the event of Standard threshold Shift – audiometry test should be repeated within 3 months with hearing conservation programme advocated) – Regulation 23

Ergocare Mobile Audiometric services:

– In accordance with latest DOSH guideline and Noise Act
– quick service and report delivery
– Reports signed by DOSH registered occupational health doctor
– Hearing conservation programme – done separately.

Locations Available:

Mobile audiometry in Penang
Mobile audiometry in Prai
Mobile audiometry in Batu Kawan
Mobile audiometry in Perlis
Mobile audiometry in Kedah
Mobile audiometry in Kulim
Mobile audiometry in Sungai Petani

DOSH approved sound proof booth


Precision level calibration performed prior to all tests


Highly trained technician with full computer backup

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Noise Exposure Monitoring Report

Audiometry Questionnaire – will be given

Baseline Audiogram for all employees done before