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Interest in workplace clinics has intensified in recent years, with employers moving well beyond traditional niches of occupational health and minor acute care to offering clinics that provide a full range of wellness and primary care services.

We at ErgoCare provide view in house clinics as a tool to contain medical costs, boost productivity and enhance company’s reputation as employer of choice.

Occupational health—treatment of work-related injuries, employment physicals and screenings, travel medicine and compliance with federal workplace safety regulations ( DOSH Regulations).

Acute care—ranging from low-acuity episodic care, such as sore throats or sprains to treatment of more severe diseases requiring urgent attention.

Preventive care—Physical examinations, Immunizations and Screenings.

Wellness—health risk assessment follow up, biometric screenings, health coaching, lifestyle management programs and educational programs.

Long Term Disease Management Centre—on-going care for chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia, Coronary artery disease and other selected diseases. We could provide in house supply of medication at lower price and do cost effective monitoring for them.


Refers to the process pre-employment health check to ensure employees chosen are fit for applied occupation. Our team of occupational health doctors are trained to analyse the risk/ benefit of employment.

Health Talk

The emphasis on prevention has always been set to our upmost priority. We understand that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. We uphold in parallel with our vision and mission in this statement.

Our unique interactive health talks and activities engage employees to understand the dangers of occupational hazards and other areas of health.
We strongly believe in educating employees with a fun filled experience. If you are unsure of any health related aspects, we provide you with in house doctors to discuss further.


Being registered as HRDF trainer, our team of effective and experienced trainers provide trainings tailored specific to industry’s need.

This includes: Basic Life Support Training, First Aid in Occupational setting, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Activation

Vaccination and Wound Care

Vaccinations for multiple communicable diseases ( e.g: hepatitis B, Influenza, typhoid etc) can be given by our occupational health team.

If you are unable to reach to our office, we can do onsite vaccination for workers adjusted to days and shift according to niche.

We do provide with dressing and wound care services for employees (depending on availability)

Emergency Ambulance Service

We provide fast and efficient ambulance service throughout Malaysia and Thailand. State of the art ambulance fitted with oxygen tanks, AED ( automated external defibrillator), first aid equipment etc.


Trained and dedicated physiotherapist. Services provided at in house clinic will be based on appointments. This includes infrared therapy, electromagnetic therapy and rehabilitation techniques.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment or commonly abbreviated as PPE are equipment varying from clothing, boots, goggles, masks and et cetera for prevention of injury or infection.

Kindly contact us for advices on types of PPE required as per industry and quotation enquiry.